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Artwork tips and information for screen printing

Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is without doubt the best method for t-shirt printing. It is ideal for most Cotton or Poly/cotton fabrics such as T- Shirts, Sweatshirts or Cotton Drill shirts. The quality of the print and your printed t shirts is entirely dependant on the quality of your original artwork it is essential to have good quality, colour separated artwork for your design.

The Artwork

The first step in Screen Printing is to prepare your design. If you are able to provide us with suitable good quality colour separated artwork there will be no artwork charges.

Text and Simple Graphics.

If your design is just text, text and simple graphics or anything that can be easily replicated by one of our t-shirt designers there will be no artwork charge.



Text  and simple text and graphics artwork

If your design is just text, text and simple graphics or anything that can be easily replicated by one of our t-shirt designers there will be no artwork or set up charges. If your text needs to be in a particular font or typeface we will need to know the name of the font and it is often helpful if you email the actual font to us.

The Westhills Baseball design on the left looks just as complicated as the image below it. The colours are easier to separate because you can see where they start and finish because they have no and have no fading or tints


Detailed artwork and graphics.

If you want a detailed or complicated design replicated and printed onto t-shirts or any other garments we will need you to supply us with good quality, colour separated artwork. If you are not sure send us the original graphic file and we will let you know if there will be a charge, and if there is an artwork charge how much it will be (this is dependant on the time spent preparing your design / logo).

IThe image on the left is a good example of a graphic that is hard to reproduce and to print. (more than six colours). We used digital printing methods when we were asked to print it because it would be almost impossible to separate the colours without the original artwork

Screen Charges and Origination.

With Screen printing the costs are dependant on the number of colours in your design / logo. As a separate screen is required for each individual colour.
Each screen costs 25.00 to set up. Therefore a design or logo with three different colours would have a set up cost of 25.00 x 3 = 75.00

Screen printed t-shirt  prices are dependant on:

 1) The total quantity of items that you require.

 2) The number of colours in your design/logo.

3) The number of prints (additional printing positions) eg: The first one colour print is included in the price of the garment, any extra colours in that print or any additional printing (for instance on the back or sleeve of the garment) is regarded as an extra print position.

The cost of a one colour print is included in all the garment prices listed.


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